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Hi everyone, my name is Brad Mole. I am an Exercise and Sports Scientist and the creator of the FIT approach to training. I have had over 15 years’ experience working as a professional movement coach including owning and operating my own successful gym right here in Luxembourg. I have worked with a diverse range of clients, from being a training instructor for soldiers in the Australian Army to corporate CEOs, semi-professional athletes, through to the aged and general population.


Throughout my career as an Exercise and Sports Scientist I have helped thousands of clients transform their lives, maximising their quality of life by reaching and maintaining personal and professional fitness goals. Over the years I have broadened my expertise in the health and fitness industry to focus on a wholistic FIT approach to movement, utilising exercise as a form of therapy to enhance the quality of life. It has been extremely rewarding to be a major part of my clients’ FIT journey, witnessing them improve in confidence, build capacity for movement, increase productivity and maximise their professional output. All possible with my comprehensive made to FIT for you health and fitness program.


My wholistic FIT approach includes examining, modifying and ultimately maximising all the FIT aspects of good health; sleep hygiene, breathing mechanics, stress and anxiety management, work-life balance, nutrition, efficient movement patterns, cardiovascular conditioning as well as addressing the systemic changes of an ageing body. Additionally, my professional qualifications allow me to work alongside Allied Health Professionals, assisting clients who have had previous injuries or special medical conditions.


Remember, exercise is a proven way to combat mental stress and anxiety. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis and the extreme circumstances facing the world at large, we can sometimes be left feeling powerless and anxious. A tailor made FIT program and regular movement is vital part of a wellbeing solution. The great news is now comes to you wherever you may be, via personal live video instruction.  


So- what’s the best FIT for you? 


For more information on my successful FIT approach to movement please contact me on the link below.

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